Cultural Intelligence

To understand the target market business culture and identify potential barriers & opportunities.  Book a Call

In-Market Liaison & Logistics Support

To facilitate productive, cost-efficient and effective in-market visits and/or the successful hosting of foreign business delegations.
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Every human is like all other humans, some other humans and no other human.
— Clyde Kluckhohn, American Anthropologist (1905-1960)

Cultural Awareness Training for Local & Global Teams

To build cultural capability for teams working across global sites or servicing a foreign client base to improve customer service and increase customer loyalty.  Book a Call

People Intelligence

To learn the core cultural values that impact behaviours in a specific culture's professional sphere and leverage your communication skills. Book a Call

International Protocol & Etiquette Know-How

To learn how to apply the practicalities of business norms to interact with ease in your target culture and competitively pursue partnership opportunities. Book a Call