Exporting to diverse markets? How do others succeed?

In 2016, Australian exports totalled over A$330 billion. Its top 6 exporting destinations continue to be China, Japan, South Korea, USA and India.

Despite three of these top six markets transacting primarily in the English language and only two which could be said to have business cultures similar to Australia, many exporters are finding incredible success in vastly different markets such as China, Japan and South Korea.

With a growing focus on Latin America and the Middle East, Australian businesses are also quickly gearing up to take advantage of the trade opportunities presented by these Spanish and Arabic speaking markets. 

What sets successful exporters apart?  How do they not only "crack" the market but continue to grow their products and services?  What are some of the lessons learnt along the way?

Share your export successes with us - particularly if you are trading in vastly different markets where the language and culture has posed some difficulties.

If you are currently exporting or considering foreign markets for your products or services it is vitally important to understand market culture.  Equally important is to know when and how cultural intelligence contributes to successful export strategies.  

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