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Communicating Effectively Across Borders

Sydney, Australia

Tuesday, 14 Nov 2017


Fee:  $35.00AUD


Communicating Effectively Across Borders

This is a recording of the educational webinar: Communicating Effectively Across Borders.

Learn to quickly break down cultural barriers and get on with the business of growing your markets.

The consequences of miscommunication can be serious.  In the global context, it can mean costly mistakes, lost time, and, not least, damage to credibility and relationships.

this webinar we will illustrate the causes of miscommunication in the global context and work through the key strategies to build strong cross-border relationships through strong global communication skills.  This educational webinar is especially relevant for English-language speakers when presenting and communicating with stakeholders and decisions makers who claim English as a second language.

Valuable educational content for:

  • Entrepreneurs growing a global business
  • Management and staff engaging across borders
  • Organisational stakeholders in charge of expanding operations in foreign markets
  • Geographically dispersed employees required to collaborate across borders

This webinar is conducted in the English language.

Your Presenter

You'll be in good hands!  This webinar will be hosted by a global trade professional who is featured as subject-matter experts in the Export Council of Australia's International Business Coaching Program.  

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Patricia Butera - 60ZONE Pty Ltd

Patricia Butera is founder and director of 60ZONE Pty Ltd.  Through its Business Cultures International Brand, 60ZONE has serviced global clients across diverse industries in their import/export endeavours.  As a dedicated cross-cultural business advisor and international protocol specialist, Patricia is the go-to person when needing to understand the cultural nuances, business etiquette and protocol practices that underpin business engagement in foreign markets.  

Her expertise in cross-cultural communication has helped organisations underpin their export strategy with solid cultural intelligence that has served to better prepare them in their international dealings.