Are You Communicating Effectively Across Borders?

As the “lingua franca” of global business, it is no surprise that English is now, by far, the most popular language being learned around the world.

For native English speakers involved in developing foreign markets or pitching their business to international stakeholders, this is good news!  Great, in fact, because the confidence that comes from transacting in one's own language should remove the risk of miscommunication and make for more effective presentations.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and, in fact, there is a growing perception that native English speakers lack the awareness required to communicate effectively across borders.  Why is this so?

Beyond the words that are spoken, pace is definitely important.
But, when you’re speaking with someone whose English is not their first language, yet they speak it fluently – there are many other “cues” to be observed and cultural factors to be understood in order to reduce misunderstandings. 
Your cultural awareness needs to be finely tuned into aspects of market culture and communication that you never thought about! 

How can we achieve a greater level of certainty that the business development and relationship building process is heading in the right direction?  How do we ensure that agreements are being built on clear understandings and won't be subject to miscommunication down the track?

Cultural awareness is a good start.  But what are the aspects of market culture that you need to tap into to be an effective communicator in those cross-cultural environments? There is a depth of information on this field but only one formula that fits best and it starts with your own self awareness; without it cultural awareness is ineffective.

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